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Ice Rink Supply Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller

• From backyard ice rink to professional hockey arena applications
• Single phase / three phase power
• 10inch touch screen user interface
• SIEMENS programmable logic controller
• R404a Refrigerant
• Factory tested with -16C/3.2F set point
• Low noise condenser fans
• Maintenance free

Ice Rink Supply Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Chiller

• For warm climate applications
• Single phase / three phase power source
• 10inch touch screen user interface
• SIEMENS programmable logic controller
• R404a Refrigerant
• Factory tested with -16c / 3.2f set point
• Cooling tower is available upon client's request

Ice Rink Supply Circulation Pump Station

Circulation Pump Station

Custom-built Packaged Circulation Pump Station, with on board Control Panel, on a steel skid, circulates the secondary refrigerant thru the rink system.

Ice Rink Supply Rink Refrigeration Pipe Grid

Rink Refrigeration Pipe Grid

"Quality ice" starts with the refrigeration pipes under the ice (the pipe grid). Ice Rink Supply builds the most advanced heat extraction pipe grid systems available for Portable and Permanent rinks. Due to our extensive "Dynamic Pipe Surface Area", this patented system is up to 82% more efficient than old fashioned methods used by our competitors! Why pay more to get old fashioned rink equipment that has only 254 to 288 pipe below the ice? IRS offers you 1,020 pipes, 400% more pipes below the ice, for less money! Do it right the first time and let Ice Rink Supply assist in your rink mechanical design from the start. Put us in touch with your architect or engineer so we can explain the details.

Ice Rink Supply Dehumidifier


Reduces building repair costs, such as painting.
• Reduces ice surface maintenance.
• Helps eliminate fog and condensation.
• Increases capacity of ice-making equipment.
• Engineered to be virtually maintenance free.
• Very simple and energy efficient operation, simply turn on & forget about it.
• Built-in automatic defrost cycle rapidly removes ice build-up on the coils, eliminating long downtime.

  • Slick Ice
  • Slush Ice
  • Base Ice
  • Instant Ice
  • Ice Building Additive
  • Ice Building Nozzle Set
  • Ice Building Equipment
  • Ice Rink Edger
  • Rink Squeegee
  • Snow Plow
  • Ice Rink Tools
  • Hand Resurfacer
  • Mini Resurfacer
  • Ice Resurfacer
Ice Rink Supply Slick Ice

Slick Ice

Why spread "liquid heat" on your ice? Slick Ice mixes with "cold" ice making resurfacing water, eliminating the need for "hot" resurfacing water. With Slick Ice your refrigeration equipment runs less; this saves energy and wear and tear on your equipment. What is it worth, to extend the life of the equipment? Slick Ice provides an improved, "faster ice" surface, so unique, it is internationally patented. Slick Ice breaks down the resurfacing water's tendency to pool up (surface tension) and allows the water to flow into and repair the skate cuts for a smoother and more uniform layer of ice.

Ice Rink Supply Slush Ice

Slush Ice

When installing ice at the start of the season, Slush Ice seals the gap, with "ice", where the rink boards (kickplate) meet the rink floor. Slush Ice is also used to repair cracks or divots in the ice surface during the season. Keep a pail of Slush Ice by the scorer's bench for repair of the ice during hockey games. Each case consists of 15 bags. Each bag makes up a 5 gallon (20 liters) pail of room temperature ice.

Ice Rink Supply Base Ice

Base Ice

Base Ice is used to white out (paint) your ice to hide the dark color of the floor beneath the ice. Tests by Hitachi Corporation show that IRS Base Ice provides the whitest ice available which results in a 20% energy savings throughout the season, for refrigerated rinks. Internationally Patented Base Ice is "user friendly". A crew of two men can "paint" the ice surface. No need for a team of nine men, messing with a bulky "paint wand and hose"...needed for other "hard to install" paints! Base Ice is a "life saver" for outdoor natural ice surfaces. Each case consists of six (6) bags and covers approximately 4,000 sq feet (370 sq meters) per case.

Ice Rink Supply Instant Ice

Instant Ice

Instant Ice creates an instant ice glaze to seal your porous, sand or gravel, rink floor. No longer do you have to worry about "over flooding" the porous rink floor and thereby causing the refrigeration pipes to heave! On Portable Ice Rinks, Internationally patented Instant Ice spans the gap between refrigeration pipes allowing for efficient heat transfer, resulting in faster "ice sheet" installation. Each case contains 8 bags and each bag mixes with 55 gallons (209 liters) of water to make the solution.

Ice Rink Supply Ice Building Additive

Ice Building Additive (IBA)

Ice Building Additive is a liquid concentrate, which is added to the cold ice building water when installing the initial ice sheet each season. Hot water for building is eliminated because IBA reduces the tendency of the water to produce ridges when building ice. With IBA the cold treated water flows evenly across the ice for a smooth ice surface. Internationally patented Ice Building Additive also allows entrapped air to escape from the ice building water thus creating a denser ice sheet. This denser ice is more energy efficient, all season long, so IBA pays for itself many times over! Build your ice like the Pros, use Ice Building Additive.

Ice Rink Supply Ice Building Nozzle Set

Ice Building Nozzle Set

These patented IRS solid brass nozzles are used by Rinks from the NHL down to local rinks during the creation of the initial ice sheet each season and for ice maintenance during the entire season. These nozzles are user friendly and are used to professionally build ice. IRS family of "ice products" are installed with this Nozzle Set.

Ice Rink Supply Ice Building Equipment

Ice Building Equipment

IRS provides all the professional tools necessary to efficiently install and maintain your ice sheet. This equipment consists of three (3) 100 gallon (380 liter) mixing vats in which to mix IRS ice products or ice paint, one (1) 1.5 hp electric pump to apply (spray) the IRS ice products or ice paint, patented ice building nozzle set, make-up water hose, stirring paddle, three (3) 5 gallon (20 liter) pails, and a 1" (25.4 mm) inside diameter "live rubber" ice building hose. Build and maintain your ice like Pros with IRS equipment. All items are also available individually.

Ice Rink Supply Ice Rink Edger

Ice Rink Edger

Engine : Briggs & Stratton 10.5 Hp. Industrial Commercial (Electric starter optional)
Torque : 13.25 ft-lbs at 2850 rpm.
Cutter Type : 3/4" (18mm) square quick-change carbide inserts, 8 cutting sides.
Cutter Blade : Adjustable tilt and depth.
Cutter Diameter : 18" (0.46m) of surface contact for precise and quick cutting.
Cutter Height : Convenient adjustment handle is attached to a synchronized wheel assembly to maintain a uniform angle.
Wheels : Four, 6" (150mm) wheels provide stable control and maneuverability on and off ice.
Snow Deflector Guard : Directs ice chips towards center of rink where resurfacer can collect it.
Heavy Duty Construction : Shipping weight is 168 lbs (76 kg). Operating weight is 120 lbs (55 kg).
Shipping : Ships fully assembled.

Ice Rink Supply Curved Rink Squeegee

Curved Rink Squeegee

This industrial duty squeegee has a true radius bend, not just bent corners like cheap models other suppliers sell. Because the blade is made with "soft live rubber", the Curved Rink Squeegee quickly moves excess water off the ice rink. Replaceable live rubber blades are available.

Ice Rink Supply Snow Plow

Snow Plow

This 48" (1.2 m) wide Hand Snow Plow is used to push, from the ice, the "snow droppings" from the ice resurfacer at the equipment gate. In the event of a break down of the ice resurfacer, several Hand Snow Plows can quickly clear the rink of snow, so order several plows.

Ice Rink Supply Ice Rink Tools

Ice Rink Tools

Heavy duty Ice Chipper quickly removes the ice build-up around resurfacer gates.
Stainless steel tool is a must for planing away ice build-up (like the bumps from dripping ceilings) from the ice surface.

Ice Rink Supply Hand Resurfacer

Hand Resurfacer

• Just connect the inlet hose of the hose reel to your water line and you can put a new layer of ice on your ice rink.
• Ideal for backyard ice rinks.
• Fabricated from heavy duty stainless.
• It comes with internationally patented mini resurfacer towel.
• Towel is easy to install and remove, held on with velcro.
• With sandblasted Stainless Steel frame Hose Reel constructed large enough for 5/8" inside diameter hose of up to 120 ft. length. It has permanently lubricated pillow block bearings to assure smooth rotation. Hand crank.
• Arenas need to Hand Resurfacers on hand, in case the Resurfacer breaks down.

Ice Rink Supply Mini Ice Resurfacer

Mini Ice Resurfacer

• 24 volt, 1 1/2 HP direct current motor.
• 2,718mm overall resurfacer length.
• 6 feet turning radius.
• 3 x 16 soft tires with steel studs.
• Quiet electric vehicle with 7mph approximate speed.
• Replaceable and adjustable cutting blade, cuts 48 inch wide path through the ice.
• Stainless steel water tank, holds approximately 380 liters.

Ice Rink Supply Resurfacing Machine / Zamboni


Speed (forward and backward): 0-8.08 mph
Water tank capacity: 134.7 gal
Snow tank capacity: 70.6 cu ft
Fuel tank capacity: 10.6 gal
Turning radius: 11.5 ft
Wheels: 205/70 R15
Height: 6.2 ft
Working width: 5.8 ft
Working length: 10.8 ft
Net weight: 3968.3 lb
Working depth: 0.0004 inch – 9.8 ft

  • PRO Hockey Board
  • Amateur Rink Board
  • IRS002 model Dasher Board
  • IRS003 model Dasher Board
  • IRS004 model Dasher Board
  • Dek Hockey Board
Ice Rink Supply Hockey Dasher Boards

PRO Hockey Perimeter Boards

IRS Rink Perimeter Boards and Hockey Boards are pre-manufactured in 8' (2.439 m) sections. They are constructed of the heaviest-duty aluminum custom extruded tubular frame, with a wall thickness of 0.19" (4.75 mm), the thickest frame walls in the rink industry! The Board Frames are clad with 1/2" (12.7 mm) white polyethylene, with your choice of colors for the kickplate and the toprail. The boards are available with or without spectator shielding (tempered glass, safety tempered glass, and plexiglass).

Ice Rink Supply Amateur Dasher Boards

Amateur Rink Perimeter Boards

• Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Frames (3" x 1.5" @ 3mm thick).
• 1/2" Thick Opaque White High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) board facing.
• 8" high, 1/2" Thick Yellow High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) kickplate.
• 1/2" Thick, Blue High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) caprail.
• Galvanized screws to fasten the board facing, kickplate and caprail, powder coated to match the color, respectively.
• Each Typical Panel is 96" long and 42" high, with two (2) fastener holes on each vertical frame, and two (2) anchor holes at the bottom horizontal frame.
• These Amateur series boards are fabricated at a temperature controlled room to eliminate the shrinkage of the HDPE material when installed at the ice rink site.

• Comes with standard or customized gates, equipped with heavy duty, stainless hinges and latches.

Ice Rink Supply Hockey Dasher Boards

Boards (IRS 002)

• Designed and Engineered for whole-year round outdoor ice rink application
• Complete portability, for ease of installation and removal.
• All-Stainless 304 material for the frames, corrosion-free for a lifetime service.
• Equipped with 8" high white High Density Polyethylene Kickplate for Public Skating and Hockey games.
• Equipped with 1/2" thick High Tempered Glass facing that can withstand heavy impact.
• Comes with standard or customized gates, equipped with heavy duty, stainless hinges and latches.
• Each Typical Panel is 96" and height will be customized according to customer requirements.

Ice Rink Supply Hockey Dasher Boards

Boards (IRS 003)

• Painted Steel Frames (3 Layers Automotive Grade, White Finish).
• Equipped with 1/2" Clear Polycarbonate, UV Stabilized to prevent aging due to solar radiation.
• Designed for outdoor and seasonal ice rink application.
• Custom Designed to install LED light under the caprail. Great design for Ice shows and exhibitions.
• Each Typical Panel is 96" long and 42" high, with two (2) fastener holes on each vertical frame, and one (1) anchor holes at the bottom horizontal frame.

Ice Rink Supply Hockey Dasher Boards

Boards (IRS 004)

• Designed and Engineered for permanent indoor application.
• All-Stainless 304 material for the frames, corrosion-free for a lifetime service.
• Equipped with 8" high, 1/2" thick white High Density Polyethylene Kickplate for Public Skating and Hockey games.
• Comes with standard or customized gates, equipped with haevy duty, stainless hinges and latches.
• Each Typical Panel is 96" and height will be customized according to customer requirements.

Ice Rink Supply Hockey Dasher Boards

Dek Hockey

Steel Frames : A500 (3" x 1 1/2" x 0.12") Rectangular Tubular Frames and Hot Dip Galvanized.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) : High impact and integrally colored bright white and other colors as specified in your requirements.
Gate Hardware : Stainless Steel.
Shielding : Wire Mesh in 8ft x 4ft Panels supported with Aluminum Posts.
Fasteners : Zinc Plated Steel.
Fabrication : We execute fitting and mechanical assembly of the Board panels, in the factory, with the various parts or assemblies ready for erection at the project site.

  • Goal Crease
  • Rink Line Markings
  • Ice Blanket
  • Resurfacer Towel
  • Glycol Tester
  • Skate Sharpening Machine
  • Quick Square
  • Skates
  • Safety Soles
  • Rubber Mats
Ice Rink Supply Goal Crease Logo Set

Goal Crease Logo Set

Back in the 1960's, all we had was messy ice paints. Today, why mess with "old fashioned ice paint" when installing the goal creases? This reusable mess logo set makes installing the blue color semi-circle creases quick, easy, and professional. Simply lay in place on the ice, spray with water... instant goal crease! That is all!

Ice Rink Supply Hockey Line Markings Set

Hockey Line Markings Set

This freeze-in Line Marking Set makes installing hockey lines fool proof! Back in the 1960's, all we had was messy ice paints to install the lines! Why mess with old fashioned paints?

Ice Rink Supply Ice Blanket

Ice Blanket

Ice Blanket is a unique "ice insulation" faced with a reflective aluminum layer on one side. Ice Blanket rolls out over your ice sheet to protect the ice from absorbing heat during non-use hours. Ice Blanket is a great energy saver for indoor rinks and a must for outdoor rinks. It is used "under" the rink pipes on "portable ice rinks" to save energy by providing a "thermal break" barrier. Do not be fooled by imitators who use silver colored "mylar" plastic instead of a layer of real aluminum! Mylar does NOT prevent the heat from entering the ice surface. Nor, is Ice Blanket to be confused with "bubble paper" material sold at the hardware store. This Ice Blanket is exclusively manufactured for Ice Rinks. Compare for yourself, you can see through a sheet of silver mylar!

Ice Rink Supply Instant Mount Ice Resurfacer Spreader Towel

Instant Mount Ice Resurfacer Spreader Towel

The IRS internationally patented ice resurfacer towel has industrial Velcro-type material on both the mounting bracket and the towel, which makes the changing of towels effortless. By eliminating the old-fashioned, eighteen rusty bolts and nuts that hold the towel on, with the Instant Mount, you can change the towel in a few seconds. Sizes are available for all models of ice resurfacers. Why pay more for old fashioned bolt-on towels? IRS Instant Mount Towels make great ice and are fool proof to use!

Ice Rink Supply Glycol Tester

Glycol (Secondary Refrigerant) Tester

This handy rink tool removes the guess work from knowing the glycol solution "freeze protection temperature" rating. With the Glycol Tester you will know the exact freeze protection temperature of the glycol (ethylene or propylene) solution in your rink refrigeration pipe grid system and be able to protect your rink system from freeze damage. If you are going to do the job, be certain to have the right tools!

Ice Rink Supply Skate Sharpening Machine

Skate Sharpening Machine

This engineered grinder is used for professionally sharpening: rental skates, hockey skates, and figure ice skate blades. Easy to master. When combined with our Quick Square edge checking meter... no machine will out perform this Sharpener!

Ice Rink Supply Quick Square

Quick Square

•This tool is the only way to determine if the ice skate blade edges are sharpened square.
•It is made of Aluminum alloy.
•Rigid construction to last a lifetime.

Ice Rink Supply Skate Shoes

Ice Skates

Features inner boot with special material, quick to dry and clean. Its inner line is made with special waterproof and antibacterial material. There are two (2) buckles for sizes 28-35, and three (3) buckles for 36-47 sizes. Our rental skates are equipped with Steel hockey blades.

Ice Rink Supply Safety Soles

Safety Soles

Carbide steel studded "pull-overs" slip onto shoes and boots, in two seconds, to give workers traction when walking on the ice. Coaches, trainers, off-ice officials should wear Safety Soles if they must walk across the ice to get to their station. Safety Soles are a must in lowering workman comprehensive claims!

Ice Rink Supply Interlocking Rubber Tile

Interlocking Rubber Tile

Dimension: 20in x 20in x 0.4in